Business Opportunity

DSC_0938My name is Randy Meche and I am the President of Internet Management Services.  The understanding and application of technology has always been a natural event for me.  Over 27 years in the computer retail and service industry has given me a very clear vision of customer needs and solutions for my clients.  Never have we had the ability to use billions of dollars worth of research and design in the technology industry as we do today. Computer technology, communications, and information are the foundation in which I have honed my skill set.

FiberFive1Internet Management Services’ parent company is Computer Solutions, which has been based in Liberty, Texas since 1987.  They are the technology foundation that pioneered ideas for our community.  Internet Management Services is the oldest known internet provider in the nation.  We understand the need for Wireless Internet Service Providers in under served rural areas.  We completely understand the business model, along with hardware and software requirements, to duplicate our very successful model anywhere in the world.  We are actively looking for relationships to allow our business model to grow while providing much needed access to new areas in need.  The one unique caveat about our plan is that after our five year business model is implemented, you are the owner of a successful and thriving WISP with a residual income that you never thought was possible.

If you have an interest in developing an under served area anywhere in the United States, please call me personally and I can explain the process and solution.  You do not have to be a technical person.  You need to be the person with community relationships and a desire to bring high speed internet to your area.  There is not a situation we have not dealt with from structures to solar solutions.  We have all the answers for you to build a residual income that will last for years to come.  Face it – I don’t think people will stop needing access to the internet any time soon.